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3D Modeling Services & Graphic Design

I can either create a 3D model design for you,
Or I can help you fashion your idea.

Designer Dave Furry

With the advent of 3D printing, an entire new branch of Graphic Design has opened up. I have recently modeled mechanical parts that would have been impossible to machine, but with 3D printing, almost anything can now be printed.
I have worked on several geometric structures as well as a few driveway gates. The models and drawings for these have proved quite useful in both quoting the job as well as conveying the design intent to the customer. Having the ability to look at a 3D model enables the customer to see all sides of the object spin it around and see how it looks from different angles. If you need a design to be formalized with 2D Drafting, I can do that as well. I use SolidWorks and am now a Certified SolidWorks Professional. I now have a 3D printer and I am having a blast with it. If you just need a single piece or a larger run, I can provide the parts in a timely manner. Send me a sketch on a napkin if that is all you have and we can make your design come to life.

I am available for short term contract work or piece work if that is all that is
needed.  I will ensure that there is a quick turnaround from when the first contact
is made until you receive your model or 3D printed part.

Work flow should proceed as follows:

Once I am contacted about your needs, some rough sketches will either be supplied by you or
I can work on the design and we will decide if the project is headed in the right direction.
When both parties are satisfied with the design intent and measurements are verified, a quote
will be sent out for approval with a deposit required at that point. Upon completion, drawings
and or photos of the model will be presented. If a part is to made on a 3D printer payment in
full is required prior to the shipping of the part. If just a model is to be presented, payment
in full is required before the model is released.

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